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Our paving team specializes in all aspects of residential and commercial paving, including commercial parking lot construction, road building, parking lot maintenance, seal coating, and driveway installation. We have the experience and ability to ensure the highest degree of satisfaction with every paving project. Our team has paved well over 4,000 Driveways and Parking Lots! 

Fast, Friendly, and Fair

Are you looking for a way to improve your curb appeal without spending a great deal of money?

Call Elite Asphalt Inc. at (780) 638-0996 to request an accurate estimate of your next asphalt paving, seal coating, or driveway installation project.

Maintain a clean and professional-looking property with unmatched asphalt paving services from ELITE ASPHALT INC.
Our skilled pavers are proud to provide residential and commercial asphalt paving services for homeowners, farms,
restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers throughout the Edmonton region. Call our paving company in
Edmonton, Alta at (780) 638-0996 for professional asphalt work at highly affordable rates.


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Paving Services

Elite Asphalt Inc. is a full-service paving company that provides exceptional asphalt paving services for residential and commercial clients throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas. We specialize in applying seal coating, paving parking lots, line striping, and patching damaged asphalt. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with our team. 


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