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Edmonton Seal Coating

Whether your driveway or parking lot is newly built or several years old, proper maintenance can extend its life by as many as 25 years. Maintenance services such as sealcoating, crack sealing and vacuum sweeping not only save years on your pavement, but also beautify the appearance of your home or business.Established in 1996 and fully insured with all necessary liability and workers’ compensation insurance, Elite Asphalt Inc. is experienced in protecting and beautifying all types of asphalt. We use high-grade materials, and our top-of-the-line equipment is upgraded regularly.
Edmonton Seal Coating

Why Should I Seal Coat?

Sealcoating is important for several reasons:

Sealcoating prevents oxidation.
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Asphalt pavement begins to deteriorate almost as soon as it is placed. As the pavement is exposed to oxygen, the asphalt binder (tar) hardens. This hardening results in a brittle surface that eventually cracks. Cracks in the pavement enable oxygen and rainwater to penetrate the pavement, often into the subbase, weakening it and reducing the pavement’s strength. Seal coating protects the surface and fills surface voids, reducing pavement’s exposure to oxygen and water and extending pavement life.

Sealcoating resists ultraviolet rays.
UV resistant sealcoating

By breaking down the links between the carbon bonds in the asphalt, ultraviolet rays cause pavement to deteriorate and crumble. Regularly applied sealcoat helps to prevent ultraviolet rays from penetrating the pavement.


Sealcoating resists oil and gas spills.
Edmonton Sealcoating

This is especially important on driveways where cars are parked or worked on. Oil and gasoline soften asphalt. Our professional-grade sealer contains additives that enable it to resist any such leaks. By filling surface voids, sealcoating also reduces the depth to which oil or gas can penetrate the pavement.

  • Sealcoating enhances pavement appearance and eases maintenance.
  • Sealcoating brings back the dark black color of the original pavement, making it look and wear like new.
  • Sealcoated pavement is also easier to clean and maintain. Because sealcoat fills surface voids, a sealcoated surface is much smoother. And a smoother surface is easier to sweep, shovel, and wash.

What Type of Sealant Is Right For My Application?

Elite Asphalt Inc. offers several choices of products to properly seal and maintain your asphalt driveway or parking lot. We offer commercial grade premium water based sealants that will seal asphalt from the top to prevent moisture, sun and gas and oil damages while giving the surface a fresh new look. We also offer premium asphalt ( oil ) based sealants that are penetrating sealants that actually soak into and protect asphalt from the inside out. These sealants can only be used in certain applications and only if water based sealants have not been used previously. We will asses your project and recommend the best maintenance solution for your specific project.